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    “Next-Gen Blues” — The Silicon Sasquatch Podcast: Episode 53

    It’s been an uneven debut year for Sony and Microsoft’s new hardware. How does it compare to previous console generations? And how long’s it gonna be before a purchase will make sense to the average person?

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  • Backlog - Mordor Header

    Backlog: All Those Who Wander edition

    Doug reaps what he sows, and Nick pleads for compassion toward Uruk-kind.

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    Sasquatch DNA: Spencer’s 10 Most-Influential Games

    Games aren’t only entertaining, they’re affecting. For each of us, a few titles forever changed what we expect from the entire medium. These are those games.

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  • Long Live the Queen Hanako Games coronation

    Review: Long Live the Queen

    Being a princess has never been so hard, or so deadly.

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  • Backlog - President Sauron

    Backlog: Axis of Sméagol edition

    In which we make a political joke about Sauron, and Nick is a princess.

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