Backlog: Lost Voice Edition


Nick’s the only one chiming in this week for our Backlog, but he’s written quite a chunk.

Backlog: Neutrality Lost Edition

Pack-it-up, folks: the Internet is over. This week Aaron set up a VPN while Doug and Spencer played videogames, naturally.

The Backlog: How to Talk to Your Child about Flavor Flav edition

DJ Hero has a dedicated Flavor Flav button. Well, no; it’s technically a “sample” button that triggers a set of predetermined samples when playing a mix. But unfortunately, the default sample set is the first of two sets of Flavor…

The Backlog: Pre-Tryptophan Tidings of Gamedom edition

The Holidays approach. For some that means quality time with family members not seen for a year — maybe more. Others, well…can I get a “what what” if at some point during your life you hid away in the midst…

Sasquatch Soapbox: Gamers need to take a firmer stand

Core gamers have taken up a new pastime as of late: Whining. Early and often. Starcraft II won’t allow LAN play? Lord almighty! Modern Warfare 2 on PC moves away from dedicated servers and costs $10 more as well? Goodness…